For the first time

Shipping is free shipping in Japan.
*For remote islands, etc., there is a case to be charged separately shipping fee.

*For overseas shipping, the footer part
Please refer to the "Delivery Policy".

Products will be delivered by Yamato Transport.
Usually, it will be shipped within 3 business days from the confirmation of the payment after purchase.

In our web SHOP, we do not accept any change of the product, size, and delivery destination after the order is executed by the customer who uses it, and the delivery destination. Please be careful not to make a mistake after confirming the confirmation screen before the order is completed well.

*For details, please refer to the footer part "About returns".

Before shipping, we will inspect by our WEB STAFF. On top of that, there is a defective part found, and we will contact the purchase customer promptly when there is a shortage of goods. In the unlikely event that a defective location is found after arrival, we apologize for any inconvenience, but please contact customer support. The staff in charge will respond quickly. Please note that we may not be able to receive it if it is sent back before contacting us.

We will bear all the costs of returning defective products and products, so please send them on delivery.

*For details, please refer to the footer part "About returns".

How to buy

Step (1)
Put your order in your cart and tap "Check Out"
Step (2)
Tap "Order overview / Coupon input" at the top of the page
Step (3)
Please enter your coupon code in the "Coupon code" column.
Steps (4)
Please confirm that the coupon discount was made in the order contents column.

Products with low stock may be out of stock until the purchase process is completed.



How to pay

In our shop, you can use the card of "AMEX", "JCB", "VISA", "Master", "UnionPay" or more.

* The usage fee will be borne by our shop.
*The withdrawal date is the payment date of the card company.
*If you use a debit card, a debit will be incurred when the order is completed for immediate payment. Refunds for returns and cancellations can take a significant number of days to refund.
* Only "lump sum payment" is available. "Installment payment" and "Bonus lump sum payment" are not available.
*Credit card payment (eCollect) upon arrival of the product is not available.

Step (1)
1,Customer information 2,After entering the shipping address information, tap "Proceed to payment"
Step (2)
Select "KOMOJU/Convenience Store/Other" from the payment method and tap "Order Complete"
Step (3)
*Redirect to KOMOJU page.
Select "Convenience store" in "Payment method".
Tap "Forward"
Steps (4)
Select the convenience store you want and tap "Purchase Procedure"
Steps (5)
At the convenience store you selectedPayment method (reception number)」「Payment deadlineis displayed.
Please complete the payment at the designated convenience store.

*If the payment deadline has passed, the order will be automatically cancelled.
*The convenience stores available are displayed at the bottom of the page.

Step (1)
1,Customer information 2,After entering the shipping address information, tap "Proceed to payment"
Step (2)
Select "Bank transfer" from the payment method and tap "Order complete"
Step (3)
Please complete the transfer within 3 days because the transfer address information will be displayed on the "Order Confirmation Page".
After more than 3 days, the order is automatically cancelled.

●Transfer destination information
Rakuten Bank (Bank code: 0036)
1st Sales Branch (Branch Code: 251)
Normal 7722343
Name: PlusEyeOne Co., Ltd.

We do not carry out "COD".